Social Media and IT Training for Small business at Forth Sector Development.

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October 2nd, 16th and November 6th -
9-30 to 12-30

October 13th
October 22nd
9.30 to 12-30

Prezi 1
1-30pm to 16-30pm
27th October

Prezi 2
1-30pm - 16-30pm
17th November

Seven reasons why you should be using Twitter

After attending this course you will understand what Twitter is about, how to use it efficiently, and why it can be one of the most powerful marketing and communication tools for your business or organisation. - details:

course content: The Basics

  1. Signing up to twitter
  2. The @ sign
  3. Following and Followers
  4. Your message in 140 characters
  5. URL shortening
  6. The # sign
  7. Twitter lingo and going too far
  8. Strategic use of twitter

WordPress CMS training for the absolute beginner.

This introductory half day course will show you how to use one of the most common content management systems and flexible template on-line software web development  packages available today.wordpress

  1. Basic Architectural planning of a website
  2. The WordPress Dashboard
  3. WordPress Templates and responsive technology
  4. Page layouts, widgets, plug-ins, menus, footers and headers.
  5. Uploading text and images – the media library
  6. Text editors – what they are doing, and a very brief introduction to hyper-text mark-up language (HTML)
  7. Things to worry about
  8. Basics of Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)
  9. Content is King and a Rough guide to good copy and a healthy dynamic web!

Prezi 1 and Prezi 2

preziBedazzle your colleagues and clients with interactive dynamic presentations, have all your presentations saved on-line, no worries about losing memory sticks or incompatible hardware.

Use Prezi, and PowerPoint presentations will not feature anywhere in your life again - (unless you are trapped on the receiving end of one).

Introduction to prezi. (prezi1) shows the very basics and how to use prezi. Prezi 2 takes you to the next level, using the tool for your first presentation. Amaze your audiences with dynamic content.

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